Textiles and metals are unlikely companions, but for me, they complement each other and stir my creativity.


I first learned to weave on one of those square red metal looms, turning out potholders in the summer of my 8th year.  Then, I really learned to weave while attending Northern Illinois University (Bachelor of Arts degree).  Then, I REALLY learned to weave at the Webschule Sindelfingen (a weaving trade school in Germany).  All the while, I’ve been weaving, and teaching weaving, and exploring the world of possibilities that textile arts present.


Along the way, my path crossed those of other artisans, working with metal. Before I knew it, I was playing with wire… bending, shaping, forging. After all, it’s just kind of a stiffer form of yarn, isn’t it? My jewelry is about color and texture. I love the added kinetic dimension… that these pieces of jewelry can move and that they sometimes chime as beads and stones hit against the metal.



My anvil