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Special Yarns to inspire YOU, too!

Barbara Knupper — New Mexico Artisan

For sale in my Etsy Shop!

The yarns we work with can inspire us to discover something new, or they can be the catalyst to realizing an idea that’s been forming and waiting for that final ingredient.

That’s what these yarns represent for me, and I hope they will be for you…

“Boucle’ Bubbles” is a wonderfully spun loopy Alpaca blend yarn that I’m bringing to you directly from Peru. It’s spun by the leading ethical producer there. They breed and raise alpacas, design and create a wide range of couture yarns, and, most importantly, support the Peruvian textile tradition The quality is exquisite!

The yarn is 89% Alpaca with an 11% Polyamide core to give it strength. It holds up beautifully to gentle hand washing and air drying. Skeins are approximately 50 grams/264 yards.